Are you ready to stop finding excuses and start transforming your mind and body today?

The fitter the mind the fitter the body and vice versa!

Hi I'm Rebecca Kane, I am one of the Uk's leading martial arts coaches. I have travelled the globe bringing back world titles from as far as the Philippines and winning in Thailand. 

Martial Arts wasn't my only sport I also was a 2x world champion in Irish Dance. The eastern martial arts training and philosophy definitely helped me with 5 major title wins in a row in 2017. It was probably the most focused year of my life to date giving me the chance of a lifetime to work with Davina Mccaul on This time next year and feature in all the adverts for the show. 

I was Nicknamed the dancing fighter and its stuck. 

Keeping a strong and positive mindset has been paramount  to being successful in the competitive arena. 

For the last 15 years I have worked with thousands of people to help them develop both fitness and confidence through kickboxing  and more elite martial arts based programs.

I am so grateful that my coaching has had a positive impact on the local community which led to being nominated to run with the olympic torch for being an inspiration and empowering generations of women. 

I'm now super excited to be able to offer my programs  online so that you can learn and train with me from the comfort of your own home. 

In this 12 week training program I've put together my favourite exercises designed especially to help you kick start your fitness routine. All of which have a fun martial arts twist. 

The benefits of completing this online fitness challenge include;

  • Developing confidence and self esteem.
  • Feeling fit and healthy.
  • Reducing stress levels. 
  • Developing mental clarity which helps in all aspects of life. (The stronger the body the stronger the mind and vice versa) 
  • Developing a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Student's journey

The results speak for themselves. Just take a look at stacey a 40 year old single mother of two. 

Like majority of women her age she had dedicated her life to her children. She always put them first and did without herself to ensure that their needs were catered for. 

Stacey felt like she was in a rut. Life had started to become very repetitive. ending a busy work week with the weekend take away and a bottle of wine. 

She, felt low in confidence and this led to a vicious cycle of over indulging that most of the population can relate to.

Determined to get to the root of the problem and do whatever was necessary to fix it. Stacey came across me after some googling. 

Stacey found our program and the results speak for themselves.

Stacey lost a stone in three months training in our fitness challenge along with mindset coaching and monitoring her diet! She was quite literally on it! 

Here is stacey after 3 months...

What makes this course stand out from the rest.

Positive mindset is vital.  In order to stay positive you must continually work on your mindset. 

I am also sharing some of my mindset secrets that help me prepare for fights as well as dance competitions. Two very different sports psychologically and pysiologically some might say. 

The crux of it is, if I can do it then so can you. 

I'm going to help you champion your life!

You will also have access to weekly;

  •  PDF worksheets with exercises on to help you find out why you get in your own way. 
  • Meditations to help you relax as often people find it hard to switch off take time out.

Ladies 12 week mind and body fitness challenge.

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

  • 2

    Balanced Diet

    • Eatwell Plate - Print off and put on your fridge.

  • 3

    Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting

  • 4


    • Inner Peace short Meditation week 1

  • 5

    Warm Up and Cool Down

    • Why we warm up and cool down

  • 6

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week one

    • 12 Week Challenge Lesson 1

    • 12 week challenge lesson 2

  • 7

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week two

    • 12 week challenge Lesson 3

    • 12 week challenge lesson 4

  • 8

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week three

    • 12 week challenge lesson 5

    • 12 week challenge lesson 6

  • 9

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week four

    • 12 week challenge lesson 7

    • 12 week challenge lesson 8

  • 10

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week five

    • 12 Week Challenge lesson 9

    • 12 Week Challenge lesson 10

  • 11

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week six

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 11

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 12

  • 12

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week seven

    • 12 week challenge lesson 13

    • 12 week challenge lesson 14

  • 13

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week eight

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 15

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 16

  • 14

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week nine

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 17

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 18

  • 15

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week ten

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 19

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 20

  • 16

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week eleven

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 21

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 22

  • 17

    12 week mind and body fitness challenge week twelve

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 23

    • 12 Week challenge lesson 24

  • 18

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