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Welcome, you have reached the online teaching resourse for Rebecca Kane. Rebecca has been training martial arts for over 28 years accross a variety of disciplines. 

From a young age of 6 she competed in sport Karate but also had other commitments in Irish dancing.(see bottom of page) 

She was the first under 16 female to be selected for Team GB for filipino stickfighting. 

She quickly excelled in this sport. In the year 2000 at the tender age of 15 within 12 months of taking up the sport she set a record  to win 5 x British Titles in one British Tournament. There were no 15 year old girls for her to fight so she had to fight the cadet boys and was also entered into the coveted womens division to which she defeated multi time world champions in order to win her British Titles and make UK stickfighting history. In the year 2020  20 years later this stickfighting record remains undefeated.  

In all for filipino martial arts she holds 36 national and international top 3 placings including 5x world 2x European and 12 British Titles won by the age of 21 years old.  she was the first European to win the anyo division and fighting division at the Phillipine council's World padded Stick Fighting championships in Manila Phillipines. 

She took a break from competition to set her first full time Martial Arts Academy. Later she returned to the combat arena. This time competing in Muay Thai, K1 and Kickboxing. She has won 3 British Titles, 3 x 5 nations titles and a world title amongst numerous other medal placings. 

She has fought and won at professional level in Muay thai including fighting  in Phuket Thailand at the oldest stadium Suwit Stadium.

Rebecca's Other achievements 

2016 6th Degree Black Belt under Professor Ben Ledwick in Kenpo Ju Jitsu.

2013 Kru Muay Thai with Grand a master A brother of Grand Master Toddy

2012 Master Level in Filipino Martial Arts from Senior Grand Master Pepito Robas. 

2012 Olympic Torchbearer for the London Olympics

2012 Examiner sports personality. 

2010 inducted into the USA Black Belt Hall of Fame

2007 BA (hons) English and History

2001 1st Degree Wado Ryu 

1999 Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing Black a belt. 

Irish Dancing: In 2018 Rebecca was seen on ITV with Davina McCall following her journey to win two World Irish Dance titles along with, 2x British and an all Ireland Title. 

Rebecca has become one of the first champions in both Irish Dance and Martial Arts two very different arenas.

For Further Information 

This online school has been created to help families and people all around the world to get motivated and transform their life's through the power of martial arts and dance. 

Rebecca is also available to teach seminars around the world booking in advance is necessary.

If you have any queries feel free to send an email to