Kane Academy Grading Syllabus

I’ve spent over 25 years studying Kickboxing in  various forms. I started in Freestyle Kickboxing and Karate at age 6, then moved on to Filipino Martial Arts, Kempo Jujitsu and Muay Thai.

The core of the syllbus is a blended kickboxing system.  I’ve taken the best techniques, drills and tactics from each striking art and combined them to create a brand new hybrid kickboxing style.

This is not a mish mash style I have used a logical approach in order to get techniques and drills that are appropriate. 

For example, each technique included had to meet the following criteria...

1. Does the technique work for all body types, ages and athletic abilities? It’s important to include techniques that work for most people not just the naturally gifted or athletic.

2. Does the technique work with the biomechanics of the other techniques in the syllabus? If the mechanics work well with other techniques it means combinations will flow smoothly and efficiently.

3. Does the technique work for most of my students, most of the time?  Low percentage flash techniques were not included as they can be investigated after black belt. I believe that attaining  black belt is about mastering the BASICS.

4. Does each technique have multiple uses? Techniques that only have one use were eliminated as I want all the techniques to solve multiple problems. This reduces learning time and increases reaction time as the student needs less thinking time to choose the correct technique.

Only techniques, drills and combinations that survived this analysis were added to the syllabus. This meant I had to discard several of my favourite techniques, but that the point of a well-built syllabus, It’s a means of teaching large groups the same content to create a consistent result.

Syllabus structure and order

The Kane Academy Kickboxing Syllabus is comprised of 15 grades to black belt.

White (usually given at the start of training to signify beginners mind)

There is a black stripe belt in between each colour grade except for Orange Belt. (Reason being this is where our Junior Program move up to when graduating into our full program.  

The Black stripes signify the ladder to Blackbelt and remind pupils to take one step at a time in life not just the dojo.

-White with Black Stripe
-Yellow and Black Stripe
-Red and Black Stripe
-Green and Black Stripe
-Blue and Black Stripe
-Purple and Black Stripe
-Brown and Black Stripe

-Black Belt

The first grade is white belt and is typically awarded once a student joins your school

The next five grades are beginner levels

The following five grades are intermediate levels

The final set of five grades are advanced grades

Grading Timelines

As this is a grading syllabus you should expect students to test for a belt / grade every 3 - 6  months. If they test every 3 months, then it will take approximately 3 years to EARN a black belt. If you opt for gradings every six months, then it will take just over 4.5 years to EARN their black belt.

At my Academy…

I typically expect a beginner level student to be training twice a week minimum

I expect an intermediate student to be training three times a week minimum

And I expect an advanced student to be training four times a week minimum

What do I get with this course?

Level 1 - 6 Beginner grade syllabus

1.  The Kane Kickboxing Syllabus split by grade. Each grade lists the techniques, drills, combinations, equipment recommendations and fitness requirements that are required to test. The syllabus will be in both Word & PDF formats.

2. To help make the best use of the grading syllabus I’ve also included over 100 detailed videos covering every technique, drill and combination so you know exactly what is required.

3. Basic Warm ups and cool downs are also inclueed as well as how to tie your belt and put handwraps on. 

Get everything you need to aid your learning and help you grade through the Beginner grades by purchasing the syllabus below.

What You Get

  • Over 100 Video Lessons

    Watch on any device at any time.

  • Learn step by step

    Go through each teqhnique seperately.

  • Bonus content

    Bonus content to help you improve at a faster rate.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Grading

  • 2

    Health and Safety

    • Important health and safety video.

    • Importance of warm up and cool down

    • Importance of repetition

    • How to tie your handwraps

    • Performing Front Kick safely

  • 3

    Warming up safely.

    • Basic Warm up 1

    • Warm up 2

  • 4

    Cool down stretches

    • Basic cool down stretches

  • 5

    Level One White Belt

    • Basic Jab punch

    • Basic Cross Punch

    • Basic Front Kick

    • Jab_left_stance_4K

    • Jab_right_stance_4K

    • Cross_left_stance_4K

    • Cross_Right_stance_4K

    • Basic Parry left stance

    • Basic parry right stance

    • Front_kick_off_the_back_leg_left_stance_4K

    • Front_kick_off_the_back_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Downward_hooking_block_right_stance_4K

    • Downward_hooking_block_left_stance_4K

  • 6

    Level 2 White Belt Black Stripe

    • Introduction to Level Two white belt black stripe

    • Basic Jab Punch

    • Jab_left_stance_4K

    • Jab_right_stance_4K

    • Basic Cross Punch

    • Cross_left_stance_4K

    • Cross_Right_stance_4K

    • Front Kick

    • Front_kick_off_the_back_leg_left_stance_4K

    • Front_kick_off_the_back_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Downward_hooking_block_left_stance_4K

    • Downward_hooking_block_right_stance_4K

    • Basic Parry left stance

    • Basic parry right stance

    • Defence against a front kick

    • Defence against jab

    • Defence against cross punch

    • Jab punch on focus pads

    • Cross Punch on focus pads

    • Jab, Cross combination on focus pads

    • Front kick off back leg on focus pads

    • Jab, cross, front kick combination on pads

    • Speed punching drill

  • 7

    Level 3 Yellow Belt

    • Overview of level 3 yellow belt techniques

    • Uppercut_rear_hand_left_stance_4K

    • Uppercut_rear_hand_right_stance_4K

    • Hook_punch_front_arm_left_stance_4K

    • Hook_punch_front_hand_right_stance_4K

    • Mid_Block_front_arm_left_stance_4K

    • Mid_block_front_arm_right_stance_4K

    • outer_block_front_arm_left_stance_4K

    • outer_block_front_arm_right_stance_4K

    • outside_shin_deflection_rear_leg_left_stance_4K

    • Outside_shin_deflection_rear_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Round_kick_with_shin_back_leg_left_stance_4K

    • round_kick_with_shin_back_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Hook punch left stance on pads .

    • Uppercut from left stance

    • Round kick back leg on focus pads

    • Jab, cross, hook and uppercut combo left stance on pads

    • Jab, cross, round kick back leg left stance yellow

    • Jab, cross, hook round kick off back leg on pads

    • Uppercut round kick combo left stance.

    • Outside shin deflection vs round kick left stance

    • Outer block vs hook

    • Mid block vs body shot. Left stance

    • Sword and shield sparring

  • 8

    Level 4 Yellow Belt Black Stripe

    • Overview of Level 4 techniques Yellow and Black Belt

    • back_fist_front_hand_left_stance_4K

    • back_fist_frond_hand_right_stance_4K

    • Ridge_hand_rear_hand_left_stance_4K

    • Ridge_hand_rear_hand_right_stance_4K

    • Side_kick_front_leg_left_stance_4K

    • Side_kick_front_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Rising_block_front_arm_left_stance_4K

    • Rising_block_front_arm_right_stance_4K

    • Basic_parry_left_stance_4K

    • Basic_parry_right_stance_4K

    • Side kick off back leg

    • Back Fist Strike on focus pads left stance.

    • Ridge Hand Strike from left stance

    • Jab, Cross, Side kick combo left stance

    • Ridge hand, cross, round kick combination on pads left stance.

    • Back Fist, Side Kick combination on pads

    • Defence against a Ridge hand

    • Defence against Back fist

    • Defence against side kick left stance

    • Woggle sparring

  • 9

    Level 5 Red Belt

    • Overview of Level 5 techniques Red Belt

    • downer_punch_rear_arm_left_stance_4K

    • downer_punch_rear_arm_right_stance_4K

    • horizontal_cross_elbow_rear_hand_left_stance_4K

    • horizontal_cross_elbow_rear_hand_right_stance_4K

    • snap_round_kick_to_leg_front_leg_left_stance_4K

    • Snap_round_kick_front_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Low_cut_kick_to_knee_rear_leg_left_stance__4K

    • Low_Cut_Kick_to_knee_rear_leg_right_stance_4K

    • Defence against round kick in left stance

    • Defence against inside leg kick from left stance

    • Defence against cross elbow

    • Defence against cross elbow

    • Defence against a bolo punch

    • Jab, cross elbow combination

    • Inside leg kick from left stance

    • Round kick to leg left stance

    • Cross elbow left stance.

    • Bolo punch left stance

    • Jab, elbow, low cut kick combination on pads

    • Jab, cross, bolo punch combination on pads

    • Focus pad combination. Inside leg kick, cross, elbow from left stance.

    • Left hand only sparring drill.

  • 10

    Level 6 Red Belt Black Stripe

    • Overview of Level 6 Techniques Red and Black stripe Belt

    • Crescent_whipping_elbow_left_stance__4K

    • Crescent_whipping_elbow_right_stance_4K

    • Upper_elbow_left_stance_4K

    • Upper_elbow_right_stance_4K

    • Bobbing_and_weaving_left_stance_4K

    • Bobbing_and_weaving_right_stance_4K

    • High_outside_p_block_left_stance_4K

    • High_outside_p_block_right_stance_4K

    • Defence against whipping elbow

    • Basic Bobbing and weaving

    • Upward elbow on pads from left stance

    • Whipping elbow left stance on pads

    • Jab, cross, hook, whipping elbow

    • Jab, cross, whipping elbow

    • Jab, cross, roll, roll combination

    • Right hand only sparring drill

  • 11

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