Welcome to Kane Academy Kickboxing Introductory Course

Welcome to the beginners Kickboxing Course. The course has been developed to help students get an insight into basic techniques used from the comfort of their homes.

Pupils will be able to take part in full sessions streamed and pre recorded in this course. 

Taking part in at least two lessons per week will give you benefits and after 6 weeks you will start to feel the results

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

    • Meet your Instructor

    • Health and Safety Information

  • 2

    Warming Up

    • Basic Warm Up

    • Basic Stretches

  • 3

    The Fundamentals

    • Stance and Guard

    • Basic Footwork

    • Basic Punching Techniques

    • Basic Kicking Techniques

    • Shadow Boxing

  • 4

    Boxing Combinations

    • Jab, Cross Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Hook Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Duck Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Duck, Cross Combination

    • Jab,_Jab,_Cross,_Duck,_Cross_Full HD 1080p

  • 5

    Kickboxing Combinations

    • Jab, Cross, Front Kick Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Low Kick Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Duck, Front Kick Combination

    • Jab, Cross, Duck, Front Kick, Round Kick Combination

    • Right parry, Front Kick, Jab Cross Combination

  • 6

    Padwork Basics

    • How to hold Focus Pads

    • Virtual Padwork - 3 x 2 minute rounds

  • 7

    Defence and Counter Techniques

    • Basic Defence and counter to straight punches

    • Basic Defence and counter to hook punch

    • Basic Defence and Counter to front kick

    • Virtual Defence and Counter - 2 Rounds

  • 8

    Pad Fitness Drills

    • Pad Fitness Drill

  • 9

    Kicking Conditioning Drills

    • Kicking Conditioning Drill

  • 10

    High Intensity Boxing Workout

    • Straight punch workout

    • Hook punch workout

  • 11

    High Intensity Kickboxing Workout

    • High intensity bag workout

    • Round kick workout

    • Front Kick Workout

  • 12

    Cool Down

    • Getting Heart Rate back to normal.

    • Cool Down Stretches

  • 14

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