This course has been created by Sifu Rebecca Kane a Martial arts world champion who has competed in Asia. It delivers an understanding of basic self defence along with learning basic martial arts skills. Pupils will also take a look at warming up and cooling down and basic fitness. Lessons are developed for specific age groups. Tiny Tigers ages 4-7 years Ninja Kid's ages 7-12 years As a free bonus we have delivered some family kickboxing sessions so that your whole family can give it a go, get fitter and active. The best part is that it is all from the comfort of your own home.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome video

    • Competition for all participants

  • 2

    Meet the Instruction Team

    • Rebecca Kane

  • 3

    Health and Safety

    • Health and Safety

    • Importance of warming up and cooling down before and after physical activity.

    • Getting your heart rate down at the end of a session

  • 4

    Basic Warm up and Cool Down

    • Basic Warm up mini work out

    • Basic Cool Down - Mini stretching routine

  • 5

    Day 1

    • Children's Martial Arts lesson

    • Family Fitness Challenge

  • 6

    Day 2

    • Tiny Tiger Lesson ages 4-7 years

    • Bonus lesson Family Boot Camp Fitness session 30 minutes

  • 7

    Day 3

    • Ninja Kid's lesson

    • Bonus Content Family kickboxing Lesson

  • 8

    Day 4

    • Tiger Lesson

  • 9

    Day 5

    • Ninja kid lesson

  • 10

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  • 11

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