Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

  • 2

    Warm Up and Cool Down

    • Why we warm up and cool down

  • 3

    Six week bag blast light intensity work out week one

    • Light bag blast Lesson 1

    • Light bag blast Lesson 2

  • 4

    Six week bag blast light intensity work out week two

    • Light bag blast lesson 3

    • Light bag blast Lesson 4

  • 5

    Six week bag blast light intensity work out week three

    • Light bag blast Lesson 5

    • Light bag blast Lesson 6

  • 6

    Six week bag blast light intensity work out week four

    • Light bag blast Lesson 7

    • Light bag blast Lesson 8

  • 7

    Six week bag blast light intensity work out week five

    • Light and blast Lesson 9

    • Light bag blast Lesson 10

  • 8

    Six week bag blast light intensity work out week six

    • Light bag blast Lesson 11

    • Light bag blast Lesson 12

  • 9

    More information about our other Home Bag Workout Courses

    • More information about our kickboxing and martial arts programmes available.

    • More information about our mind and body fitness challenge.

Have you bought all the gear and have no idea?

Our home bag blast workouts will give you everything you need toget you started!

Hi I'm Rebecca Kane, I am a martial arts and fitness coach. I have travelled the globe bringing back world titles from as far as the Philippines and winning in Thailand. 

Keeping a strong and positive mindset was also key to my successes. 

For the last 15 years I have worked with hundreds of people to help them develop both fitness and confidence through kickboxing based programs.

I'm now super excited to be able to offer this online so that you can train with me from the comfort of your own home. 

During lockdown I recieved many emails from friends and prospective pupils who had purchased all the gear (punch bags and weights etc) but had no idea how to get started with it. Even looking at youtube for inspiration was like landing in the middle of a mine field not knowing which where to look to get the skills to help them. 

In this 6 week training program I've put together some basic punch bag workouts that are light intensity designed especially to help you kick start your punch bag fitness routine. 

The benefits of completing this online course include;

  • Learning to use your punch bag for more than just a clothes horse.
  • Developing confidence and self esteem.
  • Feeling fit and healthy.
  • Reducing stress levels. 
  • Developing mental clarity which helps in all aspects of life. (The stronger the body the stronger the mind and vice versa) 
  • Developing a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Student's journey

The results speak for themselves. Just take a look at Mez 42 year old lady. 

Mez felt like she was in a rut. Life had started to become very repetitive. ending the week in the same pattern of ordering just eat. 

She, felt low in confidence and this led to a vicious cycle of over indulging that most of the population can relate to.

Determined to get to the root of the problem and do whatever was necessary to fix it. Mez came across me after some googling. She wasn't confident enough to start straight away and sat back watching the facebook page for around 18 months. 

Mez found our programmes and the results speak for themselves.

Mez lost a stone in three months training in one of our fitness programmes along with mindset coaching and monitoring her diet! She was quite literally on it! 

Now is your chance to follow in Mez footsteps and make positive changes.